Best Beach Vacations

If you are looking to travel to a tropical destination, you may be interested in knowing where some of the best beaches in the world are located.  Some may argue that any beach is a good beach.  Sure the warm sand and relaxing sounds of the ocean combined with the cooling breezes coming off the ocean can make an beach vacation seem like paradise but there really are some beaches that stand out from the rest.  This article will outline only a handful of the world’s best beaches.

The Riviera Maya is becoming an increasingly popular location for those travelers in search of a beach vacation.  Those who travel to this destination are treated to beautiful beaches that also offer the appeal of being surrounded by the ancient ruins of Mayan history.  Tulum Beach is one of the best for enjoying the beauty of the beach while also soaking in the ancient surroundings.  The ancient city of Tulum was a walled city and many of the ruins still stand and surround this beautiful beach giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy a unique combination of beach and history in their vacation.

Bora Bora offers isolation that makes any beach on this island romantic.  Surprisingly though the beaches of Bora Bora are not as beautiful as some may expect.  However, what the island lacks in beautiful beaches, it makes up in providing its inhabitants access to crystal clear, warm waters in a surrounding where they can feel like the only people on the island.  The exception to high quality beaches though is Matira Point on the southern tip of the island.  Here you can enjoy white sand beaches with a panoramic view of the surrounding cliffs.  The scenic surroundings combined with the seclusion of this beach makes this beach an excellent romantic beach destination.

If you are looking for a beach that is filled with fun, activity and parties you may need to look no farther than the beaches of Mykonos Island, Greece.   The beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise in particular are filled with beach dwellers in search of a good party.  Here the music is loud and the clothing is optional.  This hedonistic beach is definitely not for families or those of the faint of heart. 

There are, however, beaches that are perfect for family fun.  If you are looking for a family friend beach, Palm Beach in Aruba is an excellent alternative.  The beaches here offer mild of flat beaches and calm waters that make the beaches and the ocean safe for children.  Although children should always be supervised when they are in and around the water, the landscape makes these beaches very safe for children.

Whether you are looking for a glimpse into history, a romantic getaway, a hedonistic party or a family friendly atmosphere there is a beach that is just perfect for you.  Whatever your needs are, with a little research you are sure to find a beach that suits your needs.  The beaches chronicled in this article are only a very small sample of the world’s best beaches.  There are so many more beautiful beaches that offer a unique appeal.

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