Travel to Anchorage, Alaska

The city of Anchorage is one of Alaska’s most bustling cities.  Those who make the decision to visit Alaska would be remiss in not stopping in Anchorage for at least part of their trip.  Although Anchorage is a relatively new city, it still offers a great deal of appeal to tourists.  The majority of the development of Anchorage has taken place in the last fifty years or so.  For this reason you are very unlikely to see some of the historic buildings and landmarks that most major tourist attractions are famous for offering.  Anchorage has so much more to offer to its visitors.  Traveling to Anchorage, Alaska is like traveling to no other city in the United States and it is sure to be an … Continued

When in Rome

As the popular expression goes, when in Rome do as the Romans do but what exactly do they do.  Rome is one city that visitors to Italy simply cannot miss.  More than any other city Rome offers a unique look at its history through your everyday surroundings.  Of course you can always visit the fabled ruins and museums and other historically significant locations but the city itself offers an undeniable historic charm.  Native Romans live their history on a daily basis.  They are surrounded by their history and it is reflected in their daily lives.  The historic ruins and museums filled with masterpieces should definitely be visited when you are in Rome.  Here you can see some of the greatest masterpieces of historic and modern … Continued

Things to See When Traveling to London

London is filled with tourist attractions and historic landmarks that make it almost impossible to see and do everything that this city has to offer.  If you only visit this city for a few days, you will very likely have to be selective about which attractions you visit because there is just too much to do and see in such a limited amount of time.  An organized tour led by a knowledgeable guide may be a great idea for those who are pressed for time on their trip to London.  These guides know the city well and are very experienced at packing a great deal of attractions into a very limited amount of time.  The downside to this kind of travel, however, is that you … Continued