Emergency Kit for When You Travel

It is always a good idea to bring along a few emergency provisions when you are traveling by car.  You may never need any of these items but in the event that you do, you will be extremely happy to have brought along this kit.  It can be a real life saver in an emergency situation.  The items that you pack along may vary by season or you may maintain a constant kit that includes provisions for all seasons.  In addition to the medical items that you include in this kit, you should also stock your car with items for car emergencies such as a spare tire, tire iron, jack and other equipment.  An emergency doesn’t have to be big and it can be an … Continued

Keeping a Travel Journal

Whether you are travel to overseas for a couple of months or spending a long weekend in a neighboring city, keeping a travel journal can be a wonderful idea.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive or complicated but it can provide you with a lifetime of memories of your trip.  Sure there are some aspects of your trip that you may never forget but remembering particular details such as street names, historic dates or other significant facts could be more difficult.  For this reason, it is advisable that you take many pictures and keep a journal while you are on your trip.  This will give you a way to accurately recall the events of your trip.  A notebook sized journal is an excellent idea … Continued

Choosing a Travel Companion

Choosing a companion for your travel adventure can be a difficult decision.  It is imperative that you choose a travel companion who will help you to enjoy your trip as opposed to one who will stress you out and prevent you from having a good time on your vacation.  Traveling with someone who shares your interests and opinions on what makes a great vacation can be a very enjoyable experience but traveling with someone who has opinions about vacations that conflict with yours and who enjoys different activities can be very stressful.  Whether you are married, single or involved in a committed relationship you will have decisions to make regarding who you bring along on your vacation. Those who are married may not always have … Continued

The Secrets to a Stress Free Vacation

Many people plan on their vacation being a relaxing escape from their everyday lifestyle but they return from their vacation feeling more stressed than they did before they left for their vacation.  Vacations are not inherently relaxing.  Believe it or not, it actually takes work to have a truly relaxing vacation.  The key though is to do the majority of the work before you leave for your vacation so that everything is well planned and runs smoothly.  Packing well ahead of time, carefully planning your itineraries and dealing well with changes can help you to fully enjoy your vacation. Many vacations spend the last night before their vacation frantically packing for their trip.  Procrastinating with your packing can lead to a very stressful situation.  If … Continued

Tips for Travelling with a Large Group

Traveling with a large group of people can be a very stressful situation.  You are likely to get group discounts if you have a large group and you always have others around to share in activities with you when you travel with a large group but there are also major disadvantages in this situation.  Some of these disadvantages include having to organize a large group before you head out to a restaurant or an entertainment venue.  You also have more people around which means there are more opinions about what the group should be doing.  This can all make for a very stressful trip but there are a few tips for making the most of travel with a large group. Organizing a large group for … Continued

Safety Tips for Solo Travelers

Traveling by yourself can be a wonderful experience.  Without a travel companion or companions you are completely free to enjoy your travels as you see fit.  There are absolutely no restrictions and you don’t have to worry about making group decisions about where to go next or what to do next.  While this can be a great experience, there are some inherent dangers that are involved with traveling alone.  When you are in a group or with at least one other companion, you are less likely to be accosted on your trip because those with ill intentions like to prey on those that they see as week.  While you may truly enjoy traveling alone and may have the confidence to do so and be fully … Continued

Tips for Airplane Travel with Toddlers

Traveling by airplane with young children can be very difficult.  Unlike car travel where you have the opportunity to stop every few hours to allow your toddler to exercise, an airplane confines you to a relatively small space for the duration of the flight.  If you have a particularly long flight, this can be very difficult.  Even flights of two hours in length can seem much longer when you have a cranky toddler on your hands.  There are, however, a few tips for making airplane travel more comfortable and enjoyable for you, your toddler and your fellow passengers. The first tip is to consider purchasing a seat for your toddler on your flight.  Many airlines do not require children under a certain age to have … Continued

Tips for Traveling with Teenagers

In some ways traveling with teenagers can be more difficult than traveling with young children.  While young children require constant supervision teenagers are old enough to do some activities on their own but unfortunately this is part of the problem with traveling with teenagers.  There growing independence makes them want to explore on their own instead of staying with the family but this can be dangerous on a vacation when they may not be familiar with the area or the local customs when you are traveling abroad.  There are some tips for helping to keep the peace during family vacations that involve teenagers. The first tip for traveling with teenagers is to offer them some limited freedom.  It is understandable that children of this age … Continued

Tips for Last Minute Travel

Many airlines and hotels are willing to offer deals to last minute travelers.  If you are willing to be flexible, you may find that you can find a very affordable travel option.  When flights and hotels aren’t completely booked the airlines and hotels realize that they will not make any money on these seats or rooms if they are not occupied so they become willing to offer discounted rates to last minute travelers in order to generate a profit from these seats or rooms.  There are often certain restrictions attached to the travel dates of these last minute getaways but if you maintain an open schedule you may find yourself enjoying a relaxing and affordable vacation. Many airlines make their discounted fares for the following … Continued

Traveling on a Budget

Budget ahead -road sign

Limited financial assets don’t have to keep you from enjoying a vacation.  There are many tips for stretching your budget and enjoying a relaxing vacation that does not put a strain on your financial situation.  Whether you are looking to enjoy a weekend getaway or a month long trip to another country you can find cost saving tips that can greatly reduce the price of your trip.  Some of these tips include maintaining flexibility, booking your trip in advance or at the last minute, considering alternative modes of transportation and traveling during off peak times. Being flexible with your travel plans can greatly reduce the cost of your travel plans.  If you are flexible with the dates of your trip you may find more opportunities … Continued