Tips for Traveling with Dogs

Travel Dogs

Whether you are traveling with your dogs because you consider them part of your family and can’t bear to be away from them, because you were unable to find a sitter for them or because you think they will enjoy the vacation destination you may find that with a little advanced problem traveling with your dogs is not difficult.  You do have to do your research before hand to ensure that your trip with your dogs will be enjoyable.  Many hotels do not allow pets or place limitations on the amount or size of the dogs.  Also, if you are planning to travel by airplane you should do your research carefully before booking a flight. Finding a hotel to accommodate you and your dogs isn’t … Continued

Eating Healthy While Traveling

If you are on a diet or simply trying to eat healthy a vacation can be a difficult time for you.  Many travelers eat most if not all of their meals in restaurants while they are on vacation.  This can wreak havoc your diet because you don’t always have complete control over what goes into restaurant food.  Many restaurant meals are filled with fat and are not properly proportioned so you could easily consume many additional calories each day.  There are, however, some tips for helping you to maintain healthy eating habits while you are traveling. Ordering half portions or sharing an entrée with a friend can help you to reduce your calorie consumption when you are traveling.  Be sure to ask your server if … Continued

Traveling When You are Pregnant

Being pregnant doesn’t automatically mean that you have to cancel all of your travel plans.  In fact traveling when you are pregnant can be a wonderful experience.  There are some tips though to make your travel as enjoyable as possible while also remaining safe.  The time when you travel is very important to consider before planning your trip.  Also, maintaining your health while you travel is critical.  There are a few tips for helping to ensure your health while on vacation.  For the most part they are all precautions that you should already be taking but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce these precautions when you are traveling.  The timing of your vacation is important when you are pregnant.  If you plan to fly to your … Continued

Exercising While You are Traveling

Finding time to exercise while you are traveling isn’t always easy.   You won’t always have easy access to a fully stocked gym filled with cardiovascular machines, dumbbells and weight lifting machines.  The key to exercising when you are traveling is to be creative and to be open to different forms of exercise than you are used to performing at home.  There is some portable equipment that can be used while you are traveling and you might be able to find access to a gym if you are creative. The most important tip for getting in some exercise while you are traveling is to plan to exercise while you are traveling.  Pack sneakers and exercise clothes so that you are prepared if the opportunity to exercise … Continued

The Plan As You Go Vacation

One incredibly fun way to travel is to plan everything as you go.  Most people are under the mistaken impression that travel has to be carefully planned at that itineraries must be followed exactly.  While carefully planning out every detail of your travels can be an excellent way to travel there is something to be said about leaving things to chance and making decisions on the fly about where you will go and what you will do. Last minute airfares are an excellent excuse to embark on a plan as you go vacation.  These discounted airfares are usually announced in the middle of the week and they usually have a Friday departure and a Monday or Tuesday return.  If you don’t already subscribe to these … Continued

Packing for a Winter Weekend Getaway

A long weekend in the mountains doing some skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding can be an excellent vacation idea.  Usually you don’t have to travel very far for these types of vacations and the long weekend may be just enough time to relax and unwind without getting to the point where you start to become fatigued from your vacation.  The other great aspect of the winter weekend getaway is that you don’t have to worry about packing very much.  There are some essential items that you should be sure to bring along but the relatively short duration of a long weekend trip, means that the packing will be relatively light.  Winter equipment can be bulky but the good news is that you only have to pack … Continued

Packing for a Tropical Weekend Getaway

A weekend getaway at a tropical location can be just what you need to help you forget about the stresses of everyday life for a couple of days and to completely relax and enjoy your vacation.  Packing for this type of vacation doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming.  There are certain items you will want to be sure to bring for the beach, dinner, nighttime entertainment, shopping or other activities and this article will detail some of the critical items you should be sure to bring along for your tropical weekend getaway. Chances are you will spend the majority of the time during your tropical getaway on the beach.  For this reason you should be sure to pack everything that you need for … Continued

Tips for Buying Souvenirs While Traveling

Purchasing souvenirs for your friends and family can be one of the most exciting aspects of your vacation.  Wherever your travels take you, you may find yourself eager to find the perfect souvenir for a friend or family member.  When you are excited about purchasing these souvenirs it can be a very fun experience.  However, if you feel obligated to purchase souvenirs for a large group you may feel a tremendous amount of pressure to find just the right souvenir for each person on your list and you may also feel pressure to buy a unique gift for each person.  When this happens, it turns the fun occasion of purchasing souvenirs for loved ones into a stressful situation that is filled with anxiety.  There are … Continued

Tips for Car Travel with Young Children

A photo of young child smiling in a pink, forward facing car seat

The phrase, “Are we there yet?” can drive a parent crazy especially when it is repeated approximately every ten minutes of a car trip that exceeds three hours. Although traveling by car can be a very affordable mode of transportation for families with children it can also be quite an adventure especially if the car trip is lengthy. There are, however, many trips that can help to make traveling in a car with young children a pleasant experience for all. Frequent stops, adequate entertainment and nutritious snacks are just a few tricks of the trade that can help to make car travel an enjoyable experience when children are involved. Stopping periodically is essential when you are traveling with children. Children have notoriously short attention spans … Continued