Choosing a Travel Companion

Choosing a companion for your travel adventure can be a difficult decision.  It is imperative that you choose a travel companion who will help you to enjoy your trip as opposed to one who will stress you out and prevent you from having a good time on your vacation.  Traveling with someone who shares your interests and opinions on what makes a great vacation can be a very enjoyable experience but traveling with someone who has opinions about vacations that conflict with yours and who enjoys different activities can be very stressful.  Whether you are married, single or involved in a committed relationship you will have decisions to make regarding who you bring along on your vacation.

Those who are married may not always have an automatic travel companion.  Although a husband and wife may be compatible in most ways, it is not a guarantee that they will have compatible travel styles.  One of the partners may enjoy adventure, constant activity and a fast pace while the other partner may enjoy calm activities, a relaxing pace and lots of downtime.  These travel styles are clearly opposite and those in this type of situation may consider taking separate vacations with friends who share their travel style as opposed to their spouse who prefers a different type of travel.  However, if the couple enjoys the same activities and shares similar opinions on vacations styles then traveling together can be a wonderful experience. 

Those who are single may have very difficult decisions to make when it comes to choosing a travel companion.  Many friendships have been destroyed or strengthened while on vacation.  Choosing a friend to accompany you on your vacation is very important because you will be spending a great deal of time with this friend so it is important that they are someone that you share a lot in common with and who will not get on your nerves after a short while making the remainder of the vacation full of stress and tension.  Choosing one or more of your friends to accompany you on your vacation is important to the quality of the vacation but not choosing some of your friends is also an important decision.  You may not wish to travel with all of your friends but you should be prepared for the fact that those who are not invited may be offended and this could cause problems in your friendship. 

Those who are not yet married but are in a committed relationship share similar dilemmas as a married couple when it comes to choosing a travel companion.  Again, it seems logical to take the trip with your romantic partner but you may find that the two of you are not well matched in travel styles.  This is not necessarily an indication that the relationship is flawed because it is perfectly acceptable for couples to have different travel styles.  When the two of you are mature enough to realize these differences and understand that traveling together is not always an option, it can actually strengthen the relationship.

Who you travel with is just as important as where you go and what you do on your vacation.  You are likely to spend more time with your travel partner than you would under normal circumstances so there is greater potential for the two of you to begin to annoy each other.  For this reason it is advisable that you consider your travel companion and make your decision wisely. 

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