The Benefits of All Inclusive Travel

Those who have never heard the term all inclusive travel simply do not know what they are missing.  This type of travel cannot be beat for convenience and options.  Many all inclusive vacation destinations are located in resorts that are outside of major cities where traveling for food, entertainment or shopping may not be convenient.  These resorts are often renowned for their picturesque scenery and isolation but this scenery and isolation often comes with the price of not having a variety of restaurants and nightclubs nearby.  When you stay at an all inclusive resort, you can enjoy the isolation of the resort without sacrificing the opportunity to sample native cuisine or enjoy the nightlife. 

Understanding just what is included in an all inclusive vacation is the first step to enjoying a vacation like no other.  The items that are included under the all inclusive umbrella vary from resort to resort so you have to read the literature for the resort carefully to determine just what is included and what requires an additional charge.  In most cases the term all inclusive refers to meals, entertainment and onsite activities.  This means that your breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in the price of the vacation package.  Many resorts even offer full service snack bars that are open in between meals for light snacks as an inclusion in the price of an all inclusive vacation.  Alcoholic drinks as well as sodas are also usually included in the price of an all inclusive vacation.  Many all inclusive resorts also have entertainment at night including shows, music and dancing that is free to their registered guests.  All inclusive resorts also typically conduct onsite activities such as exercise classes, nature walks and games and these two are usually included in the price of a stay at an all inclusive resort.

Above are some very common inclusions in all inclusive vacations.  There are some resorts that also include additional features in the price of their all inclusive vacation package.  Offsite excursions are sometimes included in your all inclusive vacation package.  There are usually restrictions on these activities such as which excursions are included and which days you can participate as well as a limitation on the number of included excursions.  Having these activities included gives you the luxury of not having to make any of the arrangements for these excursions.  You simply tell hotel management which excursions you would like to enjoy and on which days you will be available and they contact the touring company to make the arrangements.  Some all inclusive resorts also include room service in their standard rate.  Like excursions this is sometimes included and sometimes requires an additional charge so it is important to read the resort information carefully.

Services such as salon services and massages are usually not included in the price of an all inclusive vacation.  Some extravagant resorts may include these services but most resorts do not.  They may have a full service salon or a massage center onsite but services such as manicures, pedicures, facials and massages usually require additional fees.

An all inclusive vacation can be a great way to travel.  The majority of your expenses are paid up front and you can relax during your vacation because most luxuries are already paid for so you don’t have to be constantly making decisions on whether or not you will visit a particular restaurant. 

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