Theme Park Vacations

Photo of Kings Dominion Theme ParkTraveling to a full featured theme park is a fun and exciting option when considering your next family vacation.  Not only are theme parks a fun way to spend your family vacation time, they are also a good choice if you are looking for a fun and exciting adventure for couples and groups of all ages.  Whether you are a family of adults and a toddler, adults and teens or any combination of adults, toddlers and teenagers, you will find that there is something for everyone when you take a theme park vacation.

Your teenagers will look forward to their theme park family vacation for months in advance.  Roller coasters, themed rides, theme park shows and the opportunity network with their peers make this an excellent way for teenagers to spend their family vacationTheme park family vacations also allow your young adult children to enjoy some freedom in a supervised location.  With this being the case, parents allowing their teenagers to roam free at a theme park, should consider set some basic rules.  Perhaps the most important rule is that the teenagers should not be able to leave the theme park.  Theme parks are generally considered safe because they employ security staff and other support staff with safety being their job, but a teenager who leaves the theme park doesn’t benefit from this.  Another important rule to set if you have more than one teenager or if your child has a friend traveling with you is to require the children to stay together when they are not with you. 

Younger children also enjoy vacations at theme parks.  They may not meet the height requirements for some of the more spectacular thrill rides but younger children usually receive quite a thrill from riding some of the more tame rides.  Young children also usually enjoy the shows and parades that a theme park has to offer.  The lights, colors and music associated with these shows can be very appealing to younger children and may be somewhat captivating for them.  Although theme parks are relatively safe locations, younger children should still stay with adults during their theme park adventures.  They can, however, go on rides without you if you are standing close by and the park regulations allow them to board the ride without parental supervision.  In this case you should wait with your child by the entrance to the ride and as they board the ride, you should proceed to the exit so that you can wait there for them.  This will cut down on the risk of you and your children becoming accidentally separated.


Theme parks are also a great travel destination for adults.  While there are some adults who still enjoy thrill rides, this is not necessary for a parent to have an enjoyable theme park vacation.  Many parents simply enjoy watching their children have fun.  They also tend to enjoy the shows and parades that the theme park has to offer and may even enjoy participating in some of the games.

There are some safety tips that all travelers to a theme park should follow.  Most theme parks are open during the warmer summer months and it is advisable that all visitors where adequate sunscreen and that they reapply the sunscreen as needed to prevent sunburn.  Also, care should be taken to avoid dehydration.  It is easy to get caught up in the adventure and to forget to drink water but you should remind yourself to stay adequately hydrated during your theme park vacation.  It is also recommended that teenagers stay in a group instead of exploring the park alone and that younger children remain with their parents or another adult supervisor. 

Theme parks really do have something for everyone.  Adults and children of all ages usually enjoy a trip to a theme park.  Whether you like thrill rides, tame rides, shows, parades or just carnival food, a theme park can be a great way to spend your vacation.

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