Things to Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an exciting city that has so much to offer to its visitors.  Considering that the city encompasses more than 450 square miles of land it is understandable that you could visit the city for weeks without seeing all that it truly has to offer.  Amusement parks, film studios and museums are just a few of the attractions that Los Angeles has to offer.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is a popular amusement park in Los Angeles for those tourists who are looking for a little adventure during their travels.  Weekends in the summertime are the most popular times for this amusement park and you can expect long lines if you visit the amusement park during these times.  If you have some flexibility, visiting Magic Mountain on a weekday will offer some relief from the crowds.  Whether you go at peak time or off peak time, you are sure to enjoy yourself.  Magic Mountain has something for everyone.  There is no shortage of extreme roller coasters for thrill seekers but there are also a variety of shows and attractions for those who are not as adventurous.  Also, there are games and dining options for just about every taste as well.

Los Angeles is notorious for its involvement with the film industry but being allowed onset of the filming of a movie isn’t very likely.  Visiting Universal Studios, however, can offer you a glimpse into what it is like to be involved in the film industry.  Here you can experience real special effects on rides that are intended to make you feel like you are in the middle of movies such as King Kong or Jaws.  You ride in a safe tram that takes you on a tour of explosions, earthquakes, floods and fires that are created through the use of special effects.  The devastation as you pass through is almost unbelievable but is also not real.  As you move past the effect, it returns to its original state in a matter of minutes giving the next visitors the opportunity to experience the special effects.

Los Angeles also has several wonderful museums.  There are art museums, historical museums and architectural museums.  Those who are traveling with children may be interested in the California Science Center.  Here children and adults can learn about how science plays a part in our everyday lives.  There are a number of hands on exhibits that offer visitors the opportunity to learn about scientific principles through first hand experiences. 

Los Angeles is a city that is filled with so many wonderful activities that it can be impossible to see or visit them all.  The sheer size of this city may make it seem intimidating but it is important to remember that a city of this size is sure to have great activities for each of its visitors.  If you are willing to do a little research and carefully investigate your travel options you are likely to find a variety of activities in Los Angeles that appeal to you. 

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