Tips for Last Minute Travel

Many airlines and hotels are willing to offer deals to last minute travelers.  If you are willing to be flexible, you may find that you can find a very affordable travel option.  When flights and hotels aren’t completely booked the airlines and hotels realize that they will not make any money on these seats or rooms if they are not occupied so they become willing to offer discounted rates to last minute travelers in order to generate a profit from these seats or rooms.  There are often certain restrictions attached to the travel dates of these last minute getaways but if you maintain an open schedule you may find yourself enjoying a relaxing and affordable vacation.

Many airlines make their discounted fares for the following weekend available at about mid week.  These fares usually involve a Saturday departure and a Monday or Tuesday return.  If you have the flexibility to take on of these trips, you may find yourself off to a vacation at a very affordable price.  If you don’t already receive these discounted fares via email visit the airline website and see if they have an email list that you can join where they send out there discounted air fares on a weekly basis.  This can save you the trouble of having to visit the website of each individual airline to see who currently has specials.  You can often even choose your departure location when you sign up and elect to only receive updates on fares departing from that location. 

Another tip for last minute travel is to keep a small travel bag packed.  If you are waiting for a great deal on a beach vacation, pack a weekend getaway bag with everything that you will need for your beach vacation and keep the back stored in your closet.  Sometimes would be travelers see appealing airfares for the next couple of days but end up passing on the trip because they start to think of all the packing that they would have to do and decide that a last minute trip will be too stressful.  If you have a bag packed and ready for a specific destination, you will be ready to go if the opportunity presents itself.  Knowing that you are already packed for a vacation makes it that much easier to make the decision to make a last minute getaway.

If you have adventurous children, booking a last minute vacation may not be a problem at all.  If your children share your spirit of adventure and are willing to head out on a vacation at a moments notice than there is no reason to pass up last minute travel deals.  However, if your children are resistant to chance and unscheduled activities are likely to make them nervous, than last minute travel may not be a good idea.

If you have pets, last minute travel can be difficult.  Finding a sitter for your animals on short notice can be difficult.  For this reason you should have several friends with whom you swap pet sitting favor with on a regular basis.  If you know you have at least a few people you can count on for reliable pet sitting, it is much easier to decide on a whim to take a last minute vacation.

Traveling at the last minute can be a very affordable option.  If you are flexible and willing to make compromises, you may find that last minute travel is an exciting way to travel.  Here you and your partners can leave on a whim at a moments notice and enjoy an incredible adventure together. 

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