Travel to Anchorage, Alaska

The city of Anchorage is one of Alaska’s most bustling cities.  Those who make the decision to visit Alaska would be remiss in not stopping in Anchorage for at least part of their trip.  Although Anchorage is a relatively new city, it still offers a great deal of appeal to tourists.  The majority of the development of Anchorage has taken place in the last fifty years or so.  For this reason you are very unlikely to see some of the historic buildings and landmarks that most major tourist attractions are famous for offering.  Anchorage has so much more to offer to its visitors.  Traveling to Anchorage, Alaska is like traveling to no other city in the United States and it is sure to be an adventure that you may never forget.

Although getting to Anchorage may be a difficult journey those who make this trip are sure to have the vacation of a lifetime.  Native Alaskans represent only roughly 8% of the population with the majority of residents being originally from other locations.  This alone is a testament to the appeal of Anchorage.  There are so many visitors who come with the intentions of spending a week or two in Anchorage and simply never leave. 

The roughly 8% of native Alaskans present do add a cultural appeal to Anchorage.  Much like Hawaii, Alaska is one of the few states where Americans can feel like foreigners.  With such a vastly different culture, it is easy to understand why Americans can feel like world travelers while visiting Anchorage.

The bustling metropolis of Anchorage may not be what you expect when you think of Alaska.  Most of ice picture icy tundra, polar bears lurking around every corner and only snow for as far as you can see.  While this may be an accurate representation of a large part of Alaska during the winter months, traveling to Anchorage in the summertime couldn’t be further from this visual image.  Anchorage has a bustling downtown that is filled with restaurant, shops and entertainment.  It is almost possible to get lost in Anchorage and complete forget about your rustic surroundings. 

Anchorage may offer the ideal location for those who want to experience the outdoors while spending their nights in a sophisticated city.  While Anchorage is a bustling city filled with modern luxuries such as movie theaters, fast food chains, elegant hotels, fine dining and excellent shopping it is only a short drive away from the isolation of the wilderness.  You can spend your days exploring the unknown on the outskirts of Anchorage and return to Anchorage each night to enjoy a hearty meal, the nightlife that the city has to offer and a warm and cozy night in a beautiful hotel.  What more could you possibly ask for on a vacation?

Many people overlook the appeal of visiting Anchorage, Alaska because of their preconceived notions about the city.  Many expect that it is a rustic city that is perpetually covered in snow but this is simply not true.  Anchorage has so much to offer to its visitors in terms of city life and also offers easy access to the nearby wilderness. 

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