Traveling to the Mountains

Photo of a beautiful Swiss mountain in the SummerA mountain vacation can be a great location any time of year.  The mountains are known for their skiing in the winter but they can offer so much more to travelers the other three seasons.  The mountains are obviously a great vacation destination for those who enjoy winter sports but even those who do not enjoy winter sports may still find that the mountains are a great place to spend your vacation.  The mountains are a beautiful place to spend your vacation for any occasion and during any season.  In fact you may find that traveling to the mountains during the spring, summer or fall can be much more affordable and just as enjoyable as traveling to the mountains in the winter.

The appeal of mountain destinations in the winter is obvious.  Snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing attract tourists in large quantities.  Hotels have very little trouble keeping their occupancy rates high and airlines routinely fly full airplanes to these destinations.  The abundance of travelers flocking to these destinations gives the hotels and airlines the luxury of raising their prices during this season.  These price hikes can make traveling to the mountains in the winter season a very expensive vacation.

Most popular vacation destinations have their peak seasons and their off seasons.  Prices for lodging and even airfares to these locations during the peak season can skyrocket.  However, traveling to these locations during the off seasons can result in a tremendous price reduction.  This is because hotel owners and airlines recognize that these particular locations are not as popular during the off season and they are willing to reduce the prices rather than have empty rooms in their hotel and empty seats on their flights.  If you are willing to take advantage of these specials you may find that you are able to afford a mountain vacation.

Snow sports aren’t the only reason to travel to the mountains.  The other three seasons of the year offer excellent opportunities to enjoy the mountains.  As the melts in the fall, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the short white water rafting season. The summer and fall are perfect for hiking, camping and mountain biking in the mountains and the fall offers the opportunity to enjoy the leaves changing colors.  With all of these other fabulous mountain activities available you may find that you enjoy traveling to the mountains more in the other seasons than you do in the winter.  In fact you may decide that the winter somewhat limits your activities in the mountains.

If you enjoy the mountains in the winter and have always traveled there to enjoy winter sports you may be missing out on a variety of other exciting mountain activities.  White water rafting, hiking, camping and mountain biking are just a few of the many activities that you can participate in during your mountain vacation.  You may also find that a vacation in the mountains during the spring, summer or fall seasons is much more affordable than a winter, mountain vacation. 

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