When in Rome

As the popular expression goes, when in Rome do as the Romans do but what exactly do they do.  Rome is one city that visitors to Italy simply cannot miss.  More than any other city Rome offers a unique look at its history through your everyday surroundings.  Of course you can always visit the fabled ruins and museums and other historically significant locations but the city itself offers an undeniable historic charm.  Native Romans live their history on a daily basis.  They are surrounded by their history and it is reflected in their daily lives. 

The historic ruins and museums filled with masterpieces should definitely be visited when you are in Rome.  Here you can see some of the greatest masterpieces of historic and modern times.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the ancient architecture and view the work of some of the worlds artistic masters.  For this reason, you should not miss the chance to view these masterpieces first hand.  These works of art and historic pieces of architecture give you a glimpse into the opulence of ancient Rome where powerful emperors ruled the land. 

The museums and ruins, however, are not the only way to experience the rich history of Rome of antiquity.  The natives of Rome live their history as they go about their daily business.  Following their lead can give you a unique glimpse into the history of Rome and also offers the opportunity to experience the more modern aspects of Rome.  Just walking through the city with your eyes wide open and being aware of your surroundings are the keys to experiencing the history of Rome as the natives do.  Much of the city of Rome remains true to its original structures.  The town squares are still the original designs of ancient architects, many opulent palaces have been converted to hotels filled with modern conveniences and luxurious accommodations but really being cognizant of where you are will allow you to see the beauty of the history that surrounds you.  Simple walks in local parks can take you wandering through historic cemeteries and mausoleums.  Enjoying your coffee at an outdoor table in a downtown coffee bar may put your right in the middle of a square that was designed by one of the ancient masters.  Many guide books will tell you where to go and what museums to visit to see some of the great works of art of ancient Rome but simply wandering the city will put you in touch with the history of the common man in Rome.  Here you will come to understand where and how they lived. 

The city of Rome offers the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the city’s history without visiting museums or tourist attractions.  These locations are certainly worth visiting but they aren’t the only way to experience the history and culture of Rome.  If you keep your eyes open and remain aware of your surroundings while you travel in Rome, you are sure to experience the history in a truly unique way. 

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